Friday, March 29, 2002

That's right, time for the Friday Five!

1. If you could eat dinner with and "get to know" one famous person (living or dead), who would you choose? Wow... this one is hard... there are a lot of people I would love to get to know... but I think I would go with Neil Gaiman.

2. Has the death of a famous person ever had an effect on you? Who was it and how did you feel? Ah, time for the Kurt Cobain story. But this story has to run kinda backwards to make any sense. Buttmagic, the SonofaBritsch, and I were driving around one night, and I was talking about having heard a Nirvana song on the radio on my way to meet up with them. Somehow the conversation turned to when Kurt Cobain had killed himself, and I mentioned that I was a sophomore in college, and that I had found out about it the morning after it happened, while waiting to be let into the building for my college's gaming convention (which I was in charge of). The boys looked at each other, did the math, and discovered that they were in 6th grade when this occurred. This has since become a game of "let's make the ScaryWhiteGirl feel old," which all my friends love participating in... I suppose the interesting (and relevant) thing about this story is that it didn't really affect me all that much at the time, but 7 or 8 years later, it has a big impact on my life...

3. If you could BE a famous person for 24 hours, who would you choose? Hmmm... another tough one. I know it would have to be someone in a band, but I can't really pick any one person. It would be neat to see what it's like to perform in front of thousands of screaming people... :)

4. Do people ever tell you that you look like someone famous? Who? When I was in high school, everyone told me that I looked like Blossom (you know, from the TV show?)... I hated hearing that! I've also had a couple of people tell me that I remind them of Winona Ryder, but I think that was more of a similarity between me and her character in Beetlejuice... :)

5. Have you ever met anyone famous? Thanks to my friend Jamie (who I miss a TON!), I've met a handful of people in bands... like the guys from Catherine Wheel and Midnight Oil. Not like they'd remember me, but oh well! :)

And for the "End of the Work Week Wisdom":

It is a fool's prerogative to utter truths that no one else will speak.
--Dream, from Sandman

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