Monday, September 16, 2002

Back for another week of work, after another game filled weekend! :)

On Friday, I was in sort of an odd mood, which made playing Jubilee a little bit unusual. At one point, I ended up laying on my back on one of the tables, looking at a bunch of people upside-down. Would have stayed there longer, too, if it hadn't been for all the blood in my body rushing to my head... :) Other than that, though, things are going steadily. People are actually making plans about how we're going to take the city back, rather than just rushing in like crazy people! :) Disturbingly, Jubilee has a lot of respect for Simon right now... and Simon isn't even Sabbat! He's our resident Giovanni, who is helping us take the city back...

On Saturday, we had to get to game really early so that we could run a scene that took place on Friday... which was all entertaining and such... but as we were sitting there, I overheard Dan talking to some people with a video camera about needing zombies... I looked at Gabe, and said "hey, they need zombies!", which quickly spread down the row of assembled gamers. So we called Dan over, and a bunch of us got to play zombies for a student produced TV show thingie... I got to be the Frankenstein type zombie, cuz I wasn't very good at shambling... :)

And then game was fun as well... Megan and Aaron finally came to play their Malkavians, which brought the "contingent" up to 5 people... we sucked them straight into the courthouse plot as well, as all of the Malkavians went to the basement to watch the pretty swirly thing on the floor, while the rest of the city had to deal with the people who were being Skinridden by the wraiths... and when the Malks finally came upstairs, we just sat on the couches and watched the combat, applauding when it was done... it seriously disturbed Jim's new character, too! Go us! :)

So we didn't have to sneak out of the faux-Elysium this time (cuz I was hosting it)... :) Unfortunately, my brilliant plan of keeping the Giovanni out didn't work entirely, as Ed's silly Giovanni came in anyhow... and his dumb wraiths too... ah well, though. At least Mikhail isn't gonna be bugging us anymore!

Sunday was the usual sitting around and doing basically nothing, compounded by the fact that I was absolutely miserable because of my allergies. A lot of people were, from what I have heard... and Joanna said that she heard that they had sprayed the entire country to try to kill mosquitos, in an effort to stop the spread of the West Nile virus... so maybe that's what was messing everyone up. Any rate, I'm feeling much better today, though my throat is still a tiny bit sore...

Watched Far and Away last night. I know I saw that movie before, but I only remembered about 2 scenes from it... that was weird... :) Had a good quote in it, though... :) "You came back from the dead to tell me that I'm odd?" I like it... :)

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