Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Have I mentioned before that I HATE numbers? I've spent the entire morning thus far trying to make a bunch of numbers make some semblance of sense... and then, after I got the first batch to work out, I have to check the math on an application for MORE money... this is sooooo not what I'm good at!

Mainly planning a lot of stuff for LARP in my spare time... we got a special request to do some stuff for Friday night, so we had to come up with a good plan for that... and Dani is soooo in the middle of everything right now, this week moreso than usual. You would have thought I learned my lesson with Miranda, but no... I can't say what exactly I'm doing, but if you read the journal, you'll probably be able to guess... *sigh*...

That's about it at the moment, other than plugging away at the website for The American Frontier... it's almost done! :)

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