Wednesday, October 23, 2002

And a star is born... :)

Well, not really... but Cindy brought by the tape of the LARPers playing zombies for SPC-TV, and we watched it last night... funny funny stuff... I'm even in the credits! I was the "Frankenstein Zombie"... :) We didn't watch all of the tape, because it's mostly "Night of the Living Dead" with Dan and this girl doing MST3K type stuff over the movie... seeing as I've never seen "Night of the Living Dead," I think I'd rather see it the real way before watching it get MST'ed... :) So I didn't get to see all of my scenes, but I got to see the scene where I'm wearing Megan's old pink T-shirt and jumper, and Gabe's Elvis sunglasses... it looks SOOOOOOO silly... :)

Afterwards, we watched "Near Dark," which I talked about on here a few weeks ago... I was pretty impressed... there were a lot of B-movie effects and such, but it was really a pretty good movie... the only part that REALLY annoyed me was the blood transfusion bit... I dunno, I've seen a lot of vampire movies in my time, and know quite a bit about vampire type legends... never have I heard of blood transfusions as a cure for vampirism! :) Other than that, though, pretty darn kewl! :) I ended up calling it an "A minus movie"... not quite as cheezy as a B-movie, but not bad either... :)

And, in other movie type news, I just read on Wil Wheaton's blog that he's got the lead role in an upcoming movie!!!!!! But he didn't say what movie it is, yet... stay tuned for updates... you better believe I'll be wanting to see it right away! :)

In non-movie-related news, it's FRICKIN' COLD in my office today... the space heater is happily cranking out nice hot air, though, so it's tolerable, at the moment. The only disadvantage of the space heater is that it really dries out the air in here, which makes my skin even drier than it was before. And I can't run the space heater for part of the morning, as I only have one free outlet in my office, and need to type the letters that my boss has recorded... *sigh*...

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