Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Two for Tuesday

1. Tell us about your first time you ever kissed someone. Now please, you don't have to limit yourself, we wanna hear allllll about it. You know you want to tell everyone. Well, according to my mom, there was this little boy that she used to babysit for when I was a kid. His name was Scott... and apparently I kissed him when I was about 3. I don't really remember this, so I'm not sure it really counts. :) But the fun part of this story is that later on, when I was playing softball on the team for my church, all of the girls that I played with (who all went to public school) knew this boy, and he was apparently quite the cutie... :)
The first one I remember, though, was my first boyfriend, John. My friend Michelle and I were at his house, hanging out with him (or something), and when Michelle and I were getting ready to leave, she pushed me into him (intentionally, of course) so that he would have to catch me... and that's about it... not terribly exciting or anything...

2. This one was sort of a toss up. So we'll leave it to your first job. (I'll leave the scandalous questions for later) We have all had those first jobs that we're not proud of, so it's time for everyone to fess up! Not counting numerous babysitting jobs, it would have to be McDonalds... worked there from the summer after my senior year of high school until the summer after my junior year of college (only in the summers though)... was a manager by the end of it... and, as my final act of defiance, I skipped my last day of work there, so that I could go to the zoo with my friends... my mom was MAD, cuz my sister Sarah worked there too, and she was freaking out all day cuz one of the ladies who worked there kept telling her "maybe your sister was in a car accident?"... :)


More indexing today, though I've got all of that done already... now I just have to work on all of the stuff that gets stacked up on my desk while I'm indexing... *sigh*...

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