Monday, October 21, 2002

Monday Mission!

1. Have you ever felt like you were expected to set a good example for others? Yeah, all the time... I'm the oldest of four kids, so I had to set a good example for the other kids...

2. What keeps you on the right path? For example, why do you think you turned out the way you did as opposed to the nut ball sniper out there? Hmmm... probably because I'm weird in so many other ways... there's a limit to how much weirdness can be encompassed in a single person! ;)

3. Sometimes things seem different than they really are. When was the last time you believed something to be one way only to learn you had it all wrong? *sigh*... well, game on Saturday, I suppose... I was sooooo sure that Dr. Webster was gonna be the new Seneschal... but he's not... *sigh*...

4. Can you recall a time when being alert and observant kept you safe? Not really, though I can think of a number of times when being oblivious got me smacked in the head with a kickball... :)

5. Who in your personal circle of relationships do you think is smarter than you? Are they smarter in just one area, or overall? How do you feel about that? How do they interact with you? I'm of the opinion that MOST people I know and spend a lot of time with are generally smart... but they're usually just better at something that I'm not so good at... like Gabe is insanely good with languages... I'm supposed to be decent at them (I've studied French, Latin, Old English, and German), but I'm not nearly as good as he is!

6. Let's daydream a little: Describe in detail the most perfect lazy day, start to finish. Ooooh... sleep most of the day, then watch movies... order Chinese food to get delivered... stay in my 'jamies all day long... w00t! :)

7. Are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, what as? If not, how come? What is the most favorite costume you ever had? I'm not dressing up for Halloween itself, most likely... I have to work that day, so I'll probably just wear my purple and black tights and all the rest black... so maybe that's a witch costume or something...
The day after Halloween, though, is Palla Grande for our Sabbat game, so I'm dressing up for that... it's not really a nameable costume tho... silver prom-style dress, silver gloves that come up past my elbows, a silver shawl thing, lotsa glitter and such, and a bunch of fake white flowers... I was calling it the Ice Queen before, but maybe we'll call it the Snow Princess... :)
And my favorite costume? Gah, I dunno... in the past few years I've been the female Crow, a mummy, and a baby ninja... the last WOULD have been one of my favorite costumes, if anyone had understood what I was trying to do... they all thought I was Sporty Spice... *grumble*...

BONUS: Come on baby tell me what’s the word? Uh... I dunno... :)


Working on the index again, so that's all for now... game Friday was kewl, game Saturday was kewl too, though in very different ways... :) The end. :)

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