Thursday, October 24, 2002

Dude. Hobby Lobby ROCKS!

We ran by Hobby Lobby last night, because I wanted to pick up masks for Palla Grande, and see if they had white Vampire fangs, so that I could make a prop for one of the LARPs... well, a lot of their Halloween stuff is already half off regular price... I think this is because they've decided to have the Christmas junk overtake the section of the store that WAS the Halloween stuff a couple of weeks ago. Anyways, not only did we get the masks for Palla, and enough fangs for my prop, we got another couple pairs of good fangs (we cleaned them out on fangs, actually, but at $2 a pair, how can you NOT?), a handful of black candles, fake blood capsules, and the silver glitter gel I needed to finish my Palla Costume... the people at the checkout counter had to think we were nuts... :) Might have to go back for more black candles, especially if they go on sale after Halloween! :)

And I still get to go "day-after-Halloween" shopping in Paducah... w00t! :)

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