Wednesday, October 02, 2002

If you scoot further down my page, you'll see a cute little weather pixie, and you will probably notice that the weather in C-dale today is the equivalent of pea soup. Yum. Can it be fall already, please? It's past September 21st and everything!

Between the weather and having to proofread for the past hour, I'm all kinds of miserable... hopefully the day will only get better; I don't think it can get much worse!

The movie for today is "Casper" (1995)... never saw it... only apparently redeeming quality: Christina Ricci! :) But it's a kids type movie, so I doubt I'll be checking it out... :) The second movie is "The Canterville Ghost," which is apparently based on an Oscar Wilde story, made for TV, and starring Patrick Stewart... hmmm... sounds more promising, though I'm not planning to watch it either... :)

4 weeks and one day till Halloween! :)

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