Monday, December 09, 2002

Morning, everybody! :) How are you today? :)

Me, I'm pretty good... I'm tired, but it's Monday, so what else are you going to expect?

Well, game on Friday was slow for some of us... there are plans being set in motion, but they're rather slow plans... not good for someone as impatient as me, but I have people making sure I don't jump the gun, so to speak... hopefully they can keep the little Malkavian in check... :)

Saturday, we tried to go Christmas shopping, but we couldn't find a single parking space at the mall, so we went to Wal-Mart, and I bought a few things... still have a lot of shopping to do though... *sigh*... really, though, I'm mostly waiting on the various presents I ordered online to arrive... hopefully they'll arrive REALLY soon... otherwise there may be a bunch of late Christmas presents!

Game on Saturday night was awesome... Dani has a ghoul of her very own now, except that it's not really hers... something about not being able to create blood bonds... so she got her good buddy Lucas to ghoul the guy for her, and make him forget... and then she told the guy that he could be her ghoul... :) Yeah, convoluted doesn't even begin to explain it... :) Aside from that, lots of politics, lots of finding out what people think about who will become the next Prince, etc.... oh, and lots of shadiness... we love our shadiness... :)

And throughout the weekend, lots more Kindred: the Embraced... we've only got the last episode to watch now... unfortunately, I'm very much of the opinion that the last episode is easily the WORST episode... *sigh*... it's really a shame that show couldn't have run longer... or that they couldn't have done a Daedalus spin-off or something... just about everyone I know who has watched that show LOVES Daedalus... he's easily the most developed character, and he's pretty bad ass too... :)

Now it's time to type some more index... I only have V-Z left to do, so not much more, really! :)

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