Monday, December 02, 2002

Okay, the recap of my Thanksgiving vacation...

Wednesday - Went to get the oil changed on Gabe's car, got to look at toys and such at Wal-Mart while we were waiting... ran out to his house to pick up a new computer game that had gotten delivered there... had Chinese for lunch... went to Goodwill and bought some black-ish corduroys... I say blackish, because I thought that one of the pairs I bought was actually navy blue, but now that I'm wearing them, they look more like black... sorta... anyways, played computer games that night... mucho fun! :)

Thursday - Bummed around for most of the day... played more computer games... actually got my hard drive to defrag (w00t!)... went to Gabe's house for Thanksgiving dinner, which was yummy... went to K-Mart and wandered around for a little bit... went home to play more computer games... Cindy brought us turkey shaped cookies that Jen's grandma had sent... yummy yummy!

Friday - Picked up Karac and went out to Thor and Cindy's for LOTSA tabletopping... I ran, of course... :) We called it Turkey Madness, and while it was lacking in turkey, there was much madness... seems that everyone had a lot of fun, and I told them to hold onto their character sheets, in case we get bored over Christmas break... I'd be all about running again... :)

Saturday - Ran around and did useful things like going to Wal-Mart and Schnucks... played some more computer games... eventually went to Blockbuster, and found that both of the movies we had been waiting to rent were now on week-rental... so we got "40 Days and 40 Nights," and "Death to Smoochy"... watched the first one on Saturday night... very cute... :) Also watched Saturday Night Live for the first time in ages... and a little bit of Antiques Roadshow...

Sunday - Woke up late, did laundry, got a lot of water in my ears in the shower, and was miserable for a while after that... :( Ate cereal for dinner (yummy!)... watched "Death to Smoochy"... VERY funny... :)

And now I'm here at work, taking a break from indexing, to tell all of my loyal readers about my oh-so-exciting weekend... I know that you are all thrilled and enriched from reading about such trivialities... yay... :)

But hey, not like I have much else to write about at the moment... :)

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