Tuesday, December 10, 2002

So I apparently had an insane number of hits over this past weekend, because Laine's site was stuck on the Blogger list of the 10 most recently updated blogs for a long time... rock on, or something... :) That, of course, is the explanation for the pair of rather bizarre comments that I found on my blog on Monday morning... mystery solved... :)

We finished up Kindred: the Embraced last night, and Gabe agreed with me that the last episode is kinda cheezy... but hey, it was a decent series overall, and I really enjoyed watching it all again... maybe it will go on my wishlist after all... :) Of course, right before Gabe was about to ask me if the guy who played Julian Luna, Mark Frankel, was in anything else, I told him that there couldn't be a second season, because Mark Frankel had died in a motorcycle accident in England shortly after the series ended. *sigh*...

And my Christmas shopping is finally well underway, as a lot of the stuff I ordered online has arrived, and I think we're gonna go to the mall later tonight... I don't have a whole lot more to get, but I do still have shopping to do!

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