Thursday, January 16, 2003

Gah... why is it not even quarter after 3 yet? It feels like I've been here for a year or more!

Haven't looked outside lately to see how much snow I'll be wading through on my walk home today. It seemed, though, that every time I looked out the window this morning, it was still coming down. And, at last glance, my Weather Pixie said much of the same.

I'm a bit anxious about it, cuz Gabe's new laptop arrived today, and since no one was home to get it when they came by earlier, it's sitting in Marion right now. If the roads are okay, we get to go pick it up after I get off work. If the roads are crappy, then we have to see if they will deliver it LATE tomorrow, like when he's out of class for the day. And even tho it's a Mac, I still wanna see it and stuff! Should be all pretty and shiny and new... unlike my computer, which is getting quite old... but it's okay, I won't be jealous for long, cuz I'm planning to look at a new computer for myself, probably in March! :)

Ah, just got a report from a co-worker that the snow has stopped and the sun is out! I suppose that's kewl, tho it still doesn't tell me how deep the existing snow is. Wading in snow is no good, even when I am wearing my good snowy weather boots today!

Hmmm... time to find things to occupy the next hour with... :)

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