Wednesday, January 08, 2003

I would hereby like to downgrade "The Addiction" from very. good. movie. to very. weird. movie.

Yes, most of it was as I remembered it. But somehow, 5+ years makes a lot of difference. It's very much an indy art film... at the time I first watched it, I didn't know much about indy art films, and so I didn't see this movie for what it was. I was fully convinced that the final 15 minutes of the movie would have at least a little bit of ass-kicking. Sorry to spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but there is no ass-kicking. Christopher Walken (who has only a TINY role in the movie) does not come back as a righteous force of vengeance. *sigh*... that was what I was looking forward to.

Trust me, if I had to rewrite the movie, he would kick ass... a lot of ass, in fact.

So yeah... vampires, the nature of evil, and a healthy dose of nihilism at the end. Ehhh... I'd rather watch any of the vampire movies that I already own any day...

Here's hoping that Reality Bites doesn't suck too badly...

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