Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Brrr... it got cold overnight! Musta been all of that rain... *sigh*...

I do have to note, however, that the next time it rains, and is windy, I have to get someone to take a picture of me... cuz my hair does this really kewl floaty thing when I have my umbrella up... like the wind gets under it, and makes it all float around... I imagine it looks something like how Drew Barrymore's hair looked in "Firestarter"... :) And wouldn't it be kewl to have a picture of me that makes me look like I'm possessed or something? :)

So we watched "Party Girl" last night, because Dana rented it for me, for my birthday... it seemed to be lacking in the plot department... or at least we couldn't follow it... I guess it was kinda cute... and, as I said, "well, at least we didn't pay for it"... :)

My mom sent me a Target gift card, so I'll be getting something new on DVD whenever I finally get out to Target... which may be a while, since it's half an hour away, and we're lazy... :)

And two of my darling siblings called me last night for my birthday, but one... *cough*Megan*cough* musta been busy working... :p So, to make up for it... bring me candy, girl! :) Hehehe... :)

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