Thursday, March 27, 2003

So I finished off my birthday haul last night... and this is when it became a haul, really... :)

As I said yesterday, my mom sent me a gift card for Target... well, while at work yesterday, my boss got a coupon for Staples, which he gave to me... sooooo... we headed out to Target after dinner last night. I was pondering getting "The Sims Deluxe," and looked at it there... $40... yuck... but it had this really kewl thing on it to make new clothes for your Sims... but Gabe suggested that we could look for it at Staples, and maybe use my coupon there for it (cuz what else are we gonna buy at Staples?!)... so instead, I got "The Matrix" on DVD, and "Office Space" on VHS... kewl... all told, spent just over $7... :)

So then it's off to Staples, where we toured the lovely Best Inn parking lot accidentally... but as we pull in to the parking lot at Staples, I see Megan's car... cuz she works there... :) So we walk in, and she's working, so I stuck my tongue out and walked all the way to where she was before she noticed us... silly girl... :) Anyways, I showed her my cool coupon (it was a plastic card type coupon), and told her I didn't know what to get... well, she offered to maybe go in on whatever I was getting, for my b-day present (since she had FORGOTTEN my b-day... *sigh*...)... so we went and found "The Sims Deluxe," but it was $50!!!! There was a sticker for a $10 rebate if you already had "The Sims," but still! So we wandered around for a little longer, and Gabe offered to go in on "The Sims Deluxe" with me... so that sounded good... and he found "Caesar III," so he decided to pick that up for himself.

So we went up to check out, and I told Megan that Staples sucked, cuz Target was selling "The Sims Deluxe" for $10 cheaper... and she said "oh, well if they have it in stock, we can sell it for cheaper... and we have a 110% price match thing." So hey, that worked out well! :) Unfortunately, the rebate thing had expired... but ah well... I guess I'll take back saying that Staples sucks, now... :)

And "The Sims Deluxe" ROCKS! There are a few new furniture and decoration things, most notably Roman stuff, which Gabe is absolutely loving... and new clothes... and the thing to make new clothes on your own is neat, though I'm not entirely sure how it works yet... must work on that... I made one outfit, but the pants length was off, and so it looks like she's wearing baggy jeans tucked into her boots... it's an okay look, just not what I was going for... *sigh*...

So, obviously, no movies last night, as we were too busy playing our kewl new games... :)

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