Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Yeah, I just realized that I hadn't posted since Friday... bad Dawn... it's not entirely my fault, though... I was home on Monday, and I never blog from home (which is odd)... and today, when I tried to blog, it wouldn't let me.

Super busy at work, with the second proof sheets on the upcoming volumes... due out this summer... yeah... get 'em while they're hot... :)

Ummm... movies... well, Jess and Chris were sweethearts and sent me "The Professional" for my b-day, so we watched that last night... good as always. Tonight, Gabe watched "Zombie," but I declined to watch it, because the back of the case talks about someone getting their eye put out... and I don't deal well with any idea of eye trauma... just a weird phobia of mine... so yeah... he got to watch that one on his own... from what I heard of the dialogue, I don't think I missed a lot... but then again, I'm not a big horror flick fan...

Nuff for now, I should be in bed!

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