Thursday, April 03, 2003

Nope, haven't been posting much lately... nope, no good reason for that... just haven't had a whole lot to say on here... :) Life progresses as usual--work, school (sorta), and game... and computer games in the off time... :)

The Sims Creator is too much fun... I'm thinking I might download some of the backgrounds from Infinite Fish, if it still exists, and use them for patterns for clothes... that would be wild... :) They make good wallpapers and floor tiles as well... :) I have this horrible feeling that maybe I can fill up my hard drive, and not with music, as was one of my original thoughts... :)

Thinking of the computer reminds me that I need to go look at some printers... yes, I have one, but it won't print nicely lately... despite the fact that I've fed it new ink cartridges... it is old, though, so that is probably the problem... either that, or there's a compatibility problem of some sort with the the new computer... probably not, though, since I was having this problem with the laptop as well... *sigh*...

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