Tuesday, May 13, 2003

The Scary White Girl has returned from the land of the living dead! :) No, seriously... I felt like a zombie on Sunday... it had something to do with not getting to sleep till at least 3 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday morning... and getting only about 4 hours of sleep on Saturday morning... *sigh*... I guess I'm getting old... can't do the "stay up all weekend" thing anymore... :) Then again, Gabe was a zombie on Sunday as well, so maybe it's not an age thing... :)

So I'm back at work now... this upcoming weekend won't be nearly as bad, because although there are many scheduled events, they won't last nearly as late... definitely a plus! :) Still, I will probably feel like a chicken with my head cut off by next Sunday... but hopefully not a zombie... :)

I just had some random thought about instead of being a zombie, I'd be a part of summoning a zombie... definitely been reading a bit much Anita Blake lately (and remembering stuff I haven't read yet)... but it's fun stuff... and even more amusing when Catalina, Peaches, and Dani start chatting about them in game... cuz we've all read them, or been reading them... Dani is QUITE amused with what she's read... :)

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