Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Update on the ghetto/ghost stereo! Yog Sothoth was right; there was, in fact, a timer on the stereo, that had somehow been set, and gone off... the best guess is that in order for the timer to go off, the stereo has to be on... and since I rarely look at the thing, my guess is it had been left on, the timer had kicked on (probably right about midnight), and so Gabe walked in to lovely creepy music... :)

Damn, our apartment isn't haunted... I'll have to try harder to get a haunted apartment next time I go looking... :) Though that's not gonna happen for a while... I like my apartment being within walking distance of campus, and lots of good food... and I'd rather not move just yet, cuz moving is a pain...

So it practically looks like night time outside right now... it's gonna storm, and it's gonna be both soon and violent... poo... the good news is, while I'm on campus, it's highly doubtful that the power will go out... the bad news, of course, is that it is entirely possible for it to go out at home... I should probably call Gabe and get him to shut the computers down before it hits...

It also appears that it may rain for the entire next week... yuck... not only does this mean I'll have to get Gabe to drive me to and from work, it also means that I won't be able to get online from home (cuz our phone line goes to hell when it rains)... and that sucks super much for tonight, when my options are a) play the Sims, or b) get online and talk to people... I prefer the latter, only because it's slightly more entertaining... :)

Ah well, enough rambling and ranting for now... guess I'll work some more... I've already accomplished a reasonable amount, for having been here about an hour... :)

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