Monday, June 09, 2003

Monday Mission isn't up yet... I might catch it later... we shall see...

Had a generally good weekend... the highlight, aside from the movies, was that we got a few more boxes of HeroClix, and played a couple games of that... the conclusion: Cyclops is a bad, bad man... :) And playing with 2 big baddies against 5 or 6 little guys is a sure way to get the baddies killed off quick... :) But we now have a big piece of Lucite to go over the map! :) So that will make playing a whole lot easier!

As for movies, why yes, we watched a couple! :)

First one was "Comic Book Villians"... rather odd movie, but it was pretty funny... of course, there are two scenes that even a casual comic book reader/collector will practically cry about... one involves water, and the other involves fire... but that's all I want to say about that... :)

The other one was "The Cat's Meow"... and it was quite good! It's about the death of Thomas Ince, who was a 1920s movie mogul... the interesting part is that his death was at least allegedly related to his birthday weekend on William Randolph Hearst's boat... so you get to learn a lot about Hearst, and some of the other people that were on this trip... like Charlie Chaplin (played by Eddie Izzard... :) )... at any rate, it's a very good movie, and I highly recommend it... :)

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