Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Well, I fell asleep while watching "Labyrinth" last night... woke up right as it ended, only cuz Gabe got home then... :) Silly boys playing their silly games outside... :)

Gonna watch "Pitch Black" sometime this week... maybe tonight... dunno for sure yet... I've already seen it, but Gabe never has... it took a lot of convincing for the guys to get me to watch it, but I did... and liked it... so I imagine Gabe will like it as well... :)

Been working pretty steadily all morning... today, I have projects to work on that don't involve me being in my office, cuz our phone system is screwed up, and my boss has to use my phone if he gets any calls... which makes me have to go find something else to work on... so I've got all that already set up... damn, I'm efficient... :)

It's a good thing today is Wednesday... though, of course, I wish it were Friday already! :)

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