Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Wow, I've gotten quite a bit done this morning... just taking a few minutes now before going to eat lunch... :)

Wrestling last night was pretty good... a nice long tribute to Mick Foley in the middle of the show made me quite happy... I'll probably break out my Foley T-shirt to wear after work... :)

Oh, but Kane seems to have changed again... see, first, Kane was Glen Jacobs... who used to be Isaac Yankem. Then, one night last fall (I think), we were watching wrestling at Thor and Cindy's old place, and noticed that Kane didn't look the same any more... so we sorta watched him for a while, and figured out that it was probably Brian Adams... but last night, when he took the mask off, it definitely wasn't either of the two previous Kane's (assuming that Brian Adams was Kane for a while, which I think he was)... and none of us have ANY clue who this new Kane is... which is utterly bizarre, when you add up the collective wrestling knowledge of the wrestling watching group... :)

So I suppose I'll have to look into that later on... *sigh*... :)

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