Thursday, August 18, 2005

I've been quite crafty lately, finishing a bunch of projects in the past week.

Saturday, I discovered a fabric sale at JoAnn's, and stood in line for many many many minutes, waiting to get my fabric cut. As it turned out, they didn't have as much fabric as I wanted, so this necessitated recalculating all of the curtain sizes for J and N's living room. As it all turned out, I got all four of the curtains done with time to spare, they all fit the windows appropriately, and they all look GOOD! :) The next project for the boyz is curtains for J's bedroom, which requires me to either buy or find a little bit more fabric, just to make my life easier. Lined curtains are much easier to do than curtains with hems. :)

Let's see... aside from that, I finished two projects which are pressies for people, so I'm not specifying what those things were. I also finished a crocheted shrug that I had started working on a while back, gotten annoyed with, and more or less left to sit in my closet. I finally decided to finish it, though, and it pretty much fits. This is the first really fitted thing I've made for myself (or anyone), so I'm pleased that it worked. It's not perfect, but its decent. Good enough for me.

So now I've still got an afghan to make for my future niece or nephew, and I think I may end up making a stack of booties for the assorted babies which have been born recently. Actually, I don't know if either of my honorary nephews have been born yet, but I know Assie was induced Tuesday night, and Erin went into labor yesterday, so I would suspect both were born yesterday or will be born today. Figures that the two little baby boys, even as far away as they could be, would conspire to have the same b-day... :) Well, at least that should make it easy to remember... :)

Oh, and costumes for the Dark Ages LARP... here's hoping I can find something serviceable at GoodWill!

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