Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Look, I'm remembering to post on a Wednesday! Everyone be proud of me! :)

Mainly, though, that's cuz I actually have a new band to mention, thanks to RadioFreeAbattoir. :)


It's hard to classify them... I'd go with a little goth, a little techno, and a little punk-ish. Not really so much the last one, but a little. :)

If nothing else, everyone should check out "80s are Dead," which they have available (along with nearly everything else they've ever put out) as a free MP3 download on their site. This song, in particular, is cute and amusing... :)

There's also a web comic. And they also have D&D stats for the members of the band. This amuses me greatly. :)

So yeah, good stuff. I've downloaded about half of it already, and intend to finish downloading their entire catalog before the week is out. :) I like bands who want you to download their stuff. I will also probably end up buying a T-shirt and their one commercial CD, at some point. Trying to figure out the dollars to pounds conversion, though, because I think the conversion rate is good at the moment...

In other musical news, I ordered the Cruxshadows DVD that came out last month, and am looking forward to receiving that. :)

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