Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sometimes the ways in which I find new music are odd...

For example, the latest band I've become obsessed with finding stuff by is Within Temptation. Now it's not surprising I like them. They're similar, in a lot of ways, to Lacuna Coil or Evanescence, though generally a little softer than either of those examples. Female lead singer, really nice musical arrangements, good stuff all around (and no yelling guy, like in Lacuna Coil).

But the way I discovered them was that I occasionally do a search on LimeWire for "Darkwave." Usually, I end up with a lot of hits for H.I.M. and Cradle of Filth and Guns and Roses doing "Cats in the Cradle" (no, I don't know why. It's messed up.). But one night, there was a lot of hits for Within Temptation, "Ice Queen." Meh, why not. Jubilee used to be the Ice Queen, when she was a TT character, and it sounded interesting. And, as it turned out, it was super good! :)

As such, I've now developed an obsession with covers of "Running Up That Hill," because Within Temptation and Placebo both do them. I think I have one other one also, though I can't remember by whom. Yes, my cover obsession continues, but I still won't download any by AFI. I haven't heard any of their covers other than the one of "99 Red Balloons," but I'm protesting, due to their cover of "Head Like a Hole," which I am told sucks muchly.

I don't care if muchly isn't a word, either. deL uses it, and so do I. :p

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