Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Well, let's see. OWBN was cancelled Friday, and with classes starting yesterday, we weren't about to go to Paducah, so the only game this weekend was Sabbat.

My pack is finally shaking down into something that I think I can work with. I have another Tzimisce now, though he doesn't have Vicissitude yet. I also picked up someone else that can fight in a Shroud. So in theory, our pack has combat covered with 3 of the members, and the rest of us can focus on being good with people. We renamed the pack "Midnight Apocalypse," which was far better than the Anti-Trenchcoat Mafia. :)

I've determined that the costuming for the Dark Ages game is gonna be pretty laid back. Jesi has a black PVC corset with buckles, Kent is wearing a suit, and J will be in a modified bathrobe (if I get around to making the modifications). So I'm going to go through my closet tonight and decide what I feel like wearing. I'm suspecting I'm gonna go with either my purple and black cross skirt, or something velvet. I like velvet... :) Probably gonna wear my new corset, which may or may not need a shirt to go under it. Probably yeah. That much shoulder on a Cappadocian? Yikes! :)

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