Thursday, October 20, 2005

Yup, craft season is in full swing. Cindy and I have our first real craft fair of the fall this Saturday, and here's hoping we do well, cuz the table space was not cheap. :( Still, this one will be fun because we get more space than we're accustomed to, and we get to set up the space how we want it. Of course, this means I need to tear apart my living room closet tonight to get stuff ready to go for that, as I'll want to load my car Friday night, so as not to have to get up even more godawful early on Saturday morning.

After that, we don't have another until the beginning of December, and I honestly think I'm probably good for stock, unless I do amazingly well this weekend. Here's hoping, right? :)

Got both of my Halloween costumes done now, with the only exception being that I need to find some sort of shoes for my belly dancer costume. I'm thinking I'll go scout the clearance racks to see if I can find some of those little crochet-look flats that were popular this summer, or maybe Mary Janes in Asian inspired fabric. Either would work, and my feet are going to be cold regardless... :) Failing those options, though, I guess my "elf boots" will have to suffice. How I wish barefoot was an option... :( I suppose I could try to find black slippers like my white ones...

Sorry, I'm sure brainstorming of footwear is not something my faithful readers are interested in. :)

Right. So prep stage 1 for the craft fair tonight (getting everything out of the closet), prep stage 2 for the craft fair tomorrow (loading the car). That should do.

And then hoping I sell enough stuff on Saturday to make it feel productive, but not so much that I have to completely restock my hats in the span of a month... oi!

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Josef of Compton said...

My friend wants to see Doom. Please tell him just because the Rock is in it it doesnt make it good. Please Dawn. Your my only hope. Ok R2, stop rolling. Dont put that camera up my dress. Stop R2!