Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Continuing on in my theme of finding new bands, I've got yet another one. I Am Ghost.

Much like A7X, they're this sorta metal/punk/goth thing. The guitar riffs are definitely metal, the screaming is definitely metal/punk, and the lyrics are either horror punk or goth... though I'm inclined to put them in the former category because of the way in which the lyrics are more screamed than sung.

The fun part, of course, is that I Am Ghost seems to have a female somewhere in the band, who sings background vocals primarily. And the intro song to their CD is creepy as all hell, and I love it!

But yeah, definitely good stuff. They're another fluke find, due to LaunchCast this time. Only one CD thus far, so that's pretty kewl... now, can they come to this area some time when I can see them? A7X played Pop's on Monday night, but between recently returning from Seattle, and not wanting to go to a punk show at Pop's, I didn't go.

Oooh, in other music news, Rasputina is at Pop's in December. I need to find out who will give me money for tickets, and buy those. Everyone who won't give me money is on their own, unless they're a special case (J, if he wanted to go; and Thor, Cindy, and Jesi, cuz I know they'll pay me back).

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