Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Well, OWBN on Friday went remarkably well. Mel, like Dawn, had gone on a brief vacation, and everything seemed a whole lot less stressful when she got back. True, her Sheriff was in some sort of eternal slumber, and she hasn't seen her Seneschal in weeks, but she still has Jane, and the Primogen picked a new Harpy, so Morrison will be happy when he gets back. And the Anarch problem has diminished, the Giovanni problem has diminished, and the only blood hunt Mel has called thus far has been completed. woo hoo! :)

Saturday night was Sabbat game, which was Palla Grande. Pretty good time, though I did forget my fairy wings. I've also pretty well determined that I'm gonna go ahead and buy Horrid Form for Ember, because then she gets 6 extra Phys traits, and does 2 lethal barehanded, and 3 lethal if she spends the blood to toss Bonecraft on top of that. Ember isn't supposed to be a fighting machine, but she got really lucky in the "Cainite King of the Ring," and fought someone even wussier than her, so now she thinks she's the man... or something... :)

Skipped Requiem on Sunday, but hopefully will be getting back into that this Sunday. Haven't played in like 3 weeks now... :) Old School By Night got moved back to the last Sunday in November instead, which is a pain in the butt, but ah well...

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