Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Super short work week this week, since I'm here today and tomorrow. So today we'll do games, tomorrow we can do movies. Sounds like a plan. :)

Cammie game was Saturday, and it was a good time. Viridian managed to keep her temper pretty well in check, even with having to let them kill the Tremere who was under her accounting and fully bound to her. *sigh* Ah well, at least I came up with a plan that was good, and at least I got assigned as the team leader for the new project. :)

Old School by Night was the BOMB! Dani was one of the older characters there, and once the old gang all recognized each other, there was nothing stopping us. It's interesting, in particular, to see the ways in which each of the characters are coping with learning that everything they've known for the past 10 years has been a figment of some crazy Ravnos's imagination. Dani's coping mechanism: make her current reality as close to her imagined reality. So she's desperately seeking Magdalena, though she and the Traveller have agreed that if they can't find Mags, they'll make a new one. Lucas has gone by the wayside, but Mandy (f.k.a. Peaches) plans to get Dani her pets back, and Dani will be looking for Tommy... and if she can't find him, she'll make a new boyfriend... this one will be even better than the old one was... :) Do not let the Ravnos have Dominate. It's not a good thing. :)

But yeah, lots to do for that game, as I need to let Dennis know all sorts of stuff about Dani, and then get her started on uncovering what is real and what is imaginary. And replacing all of the imaginary. Because Dani never was really good about coping in a rational fashion... :)

OWBN this Friday, Sabbat on Saturday. You know, on top of the craft fair craziness... ooh, and did I mention OWBN is an Elysium?!

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