Tuesday, November 22, 2005

There wasn't much in the way of game this past weekend, what with us getting to game VERY late on Friday, and the Student Center closing early. It was just too darn cold to play outside, honestly. So I got a few things taken care of, but between being relatively drained already (you try helping someone shave their head, and it being a 2 hour long process!) and the short time span, I didn't do much.

Sabbat game was cancelled due to lack of site, but that should be remedied for the Cam game this weekend... though we do need to find that out officially...

The big thing I'm looking forward to, gaming-wise, for this upcoming weekend, is Old School by Night. Yes, once again, I will be back in action as Dani Ghivanni. And the world will never be the same... muhahahahah...

It's kinda sad that I already have my costume worked out. And have, for almost a month. Yes, I am sad and pathetic like that. :) Unfortunately, J mentioned D's bandana the other night, and I realized I don't know how I'm going to work Dani's bandana into her costume... cuz they match, you see... D was a Latin King, and Dani was a D fan. ;)

At any rate, it should be all kinds of interesting, between the characters who will be there, and the premise of the game on the whole... I'm so looking forward to it... and I'm so glad that I have Monday off of work, so that I can recover from what will certainly be a very long game... :)


In other news, one more day of work this week, and then the weekend of insanity (pt. 1). On Thursday, Doc and I are gonna make brunch before he goes to sleep for the day, and then that evening, everyone is going to Thor and Cindy's for the traditional Thanksgiving party. Friday, I'm driving to St. Louis for what is being billed as the Last. Party. EVAR. :) Saturday, I'll come back to C-dale for Cammie game and a party afterwards. Sunday, I'm supposed to get together with Liz to tie dye, and then drive to Paducah for Old School by Night. So Monday will most definitely be the recuperation day.

And then it's back to work for two days, to finish the book I'm editing, and then the weekend of insanity (pt. 2) begins... whee! :)


Michael said...

Dawn's being a silly monkey and not updating the game sites. :P

Just kidding. I know you have other stuff to do.


Oh, yeah. I've reached the 6.2 day mark for music. :)

Dawn said...

Hah, I stopped updating those a while ago. No one seemed to care...