Tuesday, December 06, 2005

And now, back to our regularly scheduled week. :)

Friday night was OWBN, and though the site issues sucked, the game itself was decent, at least from my perspective. I got to roleplay with a whole bunch of people, and got at least a few things sorted out. Finding out mid-game that your Seneschal has taken another position in another Domain is not a happy thing; finding out that the Nosferatu that you joke around with about being your boyfriend was out with other girls, and thus you shunning him, is amusing, until he finds out that you've been seeing a Toreador on the side. Oops... ;) And humiliating the hell out of another Toreador is what we live for... and all I can say about that one is that we were honestly pretty gentle... :) It was a nice mix of getting some serious business dealt with and being a little goofy, which was a good way to spend a Friday evening when you're exceptionally tired, and just want to get a backrub and go to bed, before you have to get up godawful early the next morning.

Saturday night was Sabbat, and I literally fell asleep on one of the couches briefly. This was not the fault of the STs, this was due to my extreme lack of sleep. The game itself was pretty good, I was just too damn tired to properly appreciate it. I also almost got Ember killed, which wouldn't have been an entirely sad thing, but the rest of the sect got her back... crazy people... :)

This coming weekend, we've got Cammie game on Saturday, which would be better if I had remembered to send in my in-weeks... :( At least I told the STs about my XP spending! After this weekend, though, games dry up for a good month. I'm thinking people want me to run TT at some point, but I don't know if/when that will be feasible. I get a week off work between Christmas and New Years, but a lot of other people work during that time frame, because they don't work at the university.

Regardless of what goes on that week gaming wise, it'll still be a good time, because I could use a whole week off work to relax! Between craziness at work, craziness in real life, and just the daily grind of life in general, the past few months have been hectic and draining. I'm really looking forward to a week where I can sleep late, lounge around in my pajamas all day, and hang out with whoever is free during that time frame. It will be lovely. :)

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