Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I don't have much in the way of new music to report on. Side effect of being super busy is that I've been just listening to CDs at work, cuz it's easier, and thus not finding anything new.

Kent had me make a CD of some fairly dance-y techno. I like it muchly, though I couldn't tell you who half of the bands on it are. I had heard of maybe a couple of them before he requested the CD. It's good stuff, just not stuff I knew about. But I can't remember any of the band names, really, so I can't pimp them here. :)

He also suggested making a "Heroes and Villains" CD, which I think I will work on at some point. Themed mix CDs seem to be a popular thing at the moment. So far, I've done "Necrophilia for Fun and Profit" (8 songs that actually fit the theme, and the rest just stuff I threw on there) and "This is Halloween." I've also got a winter/holiday themed mix CD in the works, but I'm not 100% pleased with how it's turning out, so it still needs some tweaking.

Jesi and I are going to see Rasputina next Monday, and it will be much fun. We're both dressing up / gothing out. It will be glorious, even if I will be having to get ready in a McDonalds bathroom, because I know I can't drive a long distance in what I want to wear. I will also likely freeze until I get into the club. Need to work on that factor. :)

Expect a recap of new bands I've discovered this year before the end of the year, and then an explanation of my plans for music day for the new year... :)

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