Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Been working on a lot of character soundtracks lately, and not really finding a whole lot of new music in the process. I came up with my soundtrack for Concordia without too much difficulty, so that was nice. Then I sat down to redo Devyn's soundtrack, and discovered that when you plot out a soundtrack and don't make it for about 3-4 years, you might not be able to get all of the songs you wanted. So I had to do a little bit of reworking, and ended up replacing two songs that I couldn't find, and dropping a third due to length restrictions.

On top of that, I had some fun playing around making a fake CD, that is supposed to be the music of Satan's Handbag, which is Devyn's (now former) band. I had a little difficulty with that because I was trying to go for somewhat obscure, female fronted bands, but they needed to be sorta punk or metal. And angry. :) So I managed to put together something like 13 tracks, and though one of them REALLY doesn't fit the style of music, I had already made the CD cover, and the CD got called "I Want Candy"... so that song had to go on there, and I didn't have a female fronted punk or metal cover of it.

(Yeah, I know... I apparently need more covers... or not... ;) )

But yeah, I'm having fun making CDs, and after making the cover for the Satan's Handbag CD, I think I may have to do some more of that. It was basically a collage made out of old things I grabbed out of magazines and the newspaper. Which means I need to start picking up magazines and clipping interesting stuff to save for use on CD covers... yeah, I am kinda silly like that... :)

I've also been helping J work on a soundtrack for D, which has been interesting. It means I have one N.W.A. song on my computer now, which cracks me up. We've been trying to collaborate on D's song for Dani, and we finally got it picked out... sorta... he came up with two suggestions, and I like one of them, while he likes the other one... we may just use them both.

That's funny, in and of itself, because Dani's song for D is very happy, light-hearted, and poppy. D's song for Dani (either one) will be very bitter and "I hate you." Not because he always hated her, but because he grew to hate her... good stuff... there's so much history between those characters, and it's so fun to get to play them again and try to work through bits of the history, while still seeing what the future holds... :)

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