Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Well, I started playing in ANOTHER LARP this past weekend, which brings my character total up to 6... I've noticed something interesting about them, too...

1) Mel Ashcroft, Toreador, crocheter / tattoo artist
2) Ember, Tzimisce, dominatrix
3) Viridian Walker, Tremere, former IRA
4) Dani Ghivanni, Ravnos, "fairy godmother"
5) Concordia Asher, Nosferatu, singer / architect / physicist
6) Devyn Fleming, Brujah antitribu, lead singer / guitarist / ass kicker... ;)

Okay, well that didn't end up showing the interesting thing...

1) Mel: Crafts: Crochet x3, Crafts: Tattooing x3, Crafts: Piercing x1, Crafts: Drawing x1, Crafts: Photography x1; Expression: Poetry x1
2) Ember: Performance: Exotic Dance x2
3) Viridian: no artistic ability to speak of
4) Dani: Performance: Belly Dancing x2 (I think)
5) Concordia: Performance: Singing x2, Crafts: Architecture x2 (I think)
6) Devyn: Expression: Lyrics x2, Performance: Music x2

So yeah, with the exception of Viridian, all of my characters have some sort of artistic ability... makes sense for Mel, obviously, but it's just kinda amusing that all the rest of them do. And Viridian is the angry one... possibly angrier than Devyn, even... and that's kinda bizarre... :)

And yes, for those who are wondering, I've sorta played Devyn before. Actually, what happened was that I made her for one game, and never played her there. And then I ran that group as a TT game, but Devyn was an NPC. So then I waited three or four years, and realized that hey, I could finally play her! :) So yay for that! :)

But six LARP characters is kinda crazy. There's a reason I made sure they're all different clans... and hopefully they all have at least a little distinction between their personalities... Mel and Dani have similarities, because they're both parts of me... Mel is the bitchy side, and Dani is the silly side. Viridian and Devyn have similarities, because they're both angry. Very angry. Ember is getting to an odd point where I'm not too sure where she's going... and Concordia is very different from all the rest, because she's all meek and quiet and shy... ;)

But hey, I'm having fun, even if this does typically mean I've got 2 games every weekend... but I'm okay with that at the moment... :)

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