Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ummm, music. Not anything new to mention, other than the fact that Gregg's taste in music SUCKS... ;) If you read this, Gregg, I'm mostly kidding... but you do like a lot of bands that I don't like. :)

I've got a list of stuff to download at home, and there are a couple of new bands on there... so we'll see how that pans out.

If you're in C-dale or the immediate area, you could go see Brat Pack on Friday night at the Copper Dragon. I won't be there, as it turns out, but it's still a good show to try to catch. Of course, the biggest problem is whether you will end up standing in line in the cold for nothing, or actually get to see them. Apparently the line for Hairbanger's Ball last Saturday was snaked around all of the buildings around Copper, and many people in line didn't get in. So yeah, though I did want to see them on Friday, I won't miss the "standing in the cold without a coat and maybe not getting in" aspect of the equation... :)

As for another concert, NIN is playing in Cham-bana on February 10th. There are still tickets available, and they're only $35. There's also no opening act announced as of the last time I checked. If I could find out who was opening, that would make my decision a lot easier. Gonna go look into that when I'm done with this post...

And finally, the Sisters of Mercy are playing in Chicago on March 14th (I think). On hearing this, I went "kewl... now I guess I should hear some of their stuff before I decide that I'm going..." :) Still haven't decided on that. I'm thinking no-ish.


Anonymous said...

So, yay or nay on the NIN concert?


Dawn said...

Still can find out who's opening. So nay. Unless someone can find me that info. It's not on the NIN site, it's not on the Assembly Hall site, it's NOWHERE.

Jesi and I made up our dream list of opening bands last night. If it was any of them, we'd go. But it won't be. :)

Dawn said...