Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Well, let's see here... game recap...

Friday night was OWBN, and Mel stepped down as Prince. And the weight off of my shoulders and hers was IMMENSE. It was wonderful. :) And then I got to have a fun, scandalous scene with G-Lo (Angelo Giovanni, to those who aren't his close personal friends)... and another fun, scandalous (though in a totally different way) scene with Vermin. ;) Mel's unlife is going to be interesting now, I think... :) But at least she got rid of the target before it got the best of her... :)

Saturday night was the final game for Where Angels Fear to Tread, and it was a good time. Combat heavy, but there was a lot of fun stuff too, like running around in Horrid Form and having a race to see who could Embrace the most people in five minutes... :) It's sad to see the game go, to a certain extent, but, at the same time, it had been so long since we had gotten anything accomplished in that game, it was really fairly disappointing... we just couldn't win... (except then we did... odd, that...)

This weekend, there's Cammie game on Saturday, and Old School on Sunday. Definitely looking forward to both of those... :)

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