Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Well, I'm back. :)

I had an immensely odd Christmas, in that I received no movies as gifts this year. My dad gave me a copy of Empire Records, but that was because Sarah and Nathaniel were giving him a big bag of movies they didn't want anymore, and when I saw it, I said I wanted it!

So I bought myself a few movies. :) And watched all of my new stuff. :)

"Empire Records" - The funny thing is that after watching it, I'm pretty sure I had never actually seen this movie! :) But it's decent, I suppose, in that early-mid 90s sort of way... :)

"Clue" - Because when a Tim Curry movie is in the $5.50 bin at Wal-Mart, you buy it. And watch it. With all three endings. :)

"Anchorman" - Yes, I now own a Will Ferrell movie. It will not likely be joined by any of his other movies. But this one is awesome. "I love lamp."

"Constantine" - So much better than I expected it to be, so since it was on sale... :) Anyways, Rachel Weiss is hot. :)

I also got to watch "Gone with the Wind" and "Finding Nemo" while I was at my mom's house, because I was sick for one of the days I was there. And I also got my first exposure to "Firefly," which means that now I want to see the whole series, and then watch "Serenity."

As a side rant, I'd like to comment that $3.50 to rent a movie is ricockulous, and so I'm going to Family Video to see what their prices look like, and because Thor tells me they have all of "Firefly" there. Hopefully they have "Deadwood" too. Because at $3.50 per DVD rental fees, 6 DVDs just became retardedly expensive. :(

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