Thursday, January 05, 2006

I realized yesterday, while sitting at home, that I had made a Monday post on Tuesday. So that, combined with not posting yesterday, gives me the strange urge to just post something random today.

Only I don't know what.

Meh, we'll just post a few things...


Started a new OWBN character on Sunday, in Paducah. I just couldn't bring myself to play Mel down there... I wanted something new to do. So I made a Nos, and that was definitely a change of pace. Go from being Prince of a neighboring Domain to being low woman on the totem pole. I got a couple of roleplaying noms because people suddenly realized that I can roleplay (not that I was sick, thankyouwhoeversaidthat... grrr...)! :) Swear to god, I'm not really as bitchy as Mel usually seems, though I suppose she's a lot closer to Dawn than Concordia (my new Nos) is.

Anyways, need to write her background ASAP, so I can get released from the Accounting... :)


I changed my mind about my brilliant music day plan for this year. Ah well.

At the moment, I'm trying to weed out my CD collection. So far, not making much progress on that... I've pulled one CD to get rid of. I may have another handful to get rid of when I seriously look at the ones I have here at work... :) But we'll have to see... :) Oh, that reminds me, I need to make a copy of No! for my niece... :)


My mom got me a HUGE box of yarn for Christmas. This means I have more yarn than I know what to do with (yes, that is possible)... I have a few small projects to work on though... another washcloth to finish, a new hat to match my new scarf, and armwarmers for me, and then a few scarves which I will probably sell... and I need to work on some roses for the Valentine's Day craft fair...

Of course, the majority of those things come from yarn that I already had in my yarn stash, not the new box of yarn... *sigh*...


And in other news, sinuses are the devil.

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MrHumble said...

Sinuses are indeed the devil... but removing them is terribly uncomfortable.