Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Multi-topic update! Whee! :)

Gaming: Well, Viridian died in the indy Cammie game on Saturday night. This was somewhat intentional, as I knew OOC that the other players were gunning for the Regent, and Viridian was likely to be collateral damage. I was also asked to step up as an ST in that game, which I did. So losing my character was okay... :)

Big change, though, going from 6 characters to 2. One of which I only play every other month. Ah well, that's alright. I have noticed in the past that my creativity and desire to write increases when I'm STing, so I consider this a good thing. :)

Music: Jesi played a band called The Horrorpops for me yesterday. Must check out more. She also played "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas," and she, Bobert, and I were all singing along. Classic. :)

Crafts: The craft fair yesterday blew chunks. I dunno if we need to work on our selection of craft fairs, our selection of crafts, or what, but it was just sad and pathetic. I'm trying to look into going to some different craft fairs, but I haven't been able to find one of the ones that was recommended to me, and it's still a bit too early for the other ones.

But the Kool-Aid drink pouch bags that Cindy's friend's daughter-in-law made were popular, so I'm definitely looking into making my own to sell. But I need a new sewing maching for that... I haven't decided yet what my February purchase will be, as I was waiting till after the craft fair... still haven't decided... the sewing machine is the likely choice, though...

In other news, it's exceptionally warm here lately, which will last another day, I believe. Then we'll be back to winter, and I will whine some more. :)

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