Monday, February 13, 2006

No new movies this past week, though I did watch "Velvet Goldmine," half-heartedly watched "Shaun of the Dead" (I was cooking while it was on), and watched "Amelie." The latter proved, yet again, that it is damn near impossible to watch a movie in a foreign language while doing something else. But I looked up in time to see her turn into water and splash on the floor, and I love that scene, so that was kewl. :)

I still haven't gone out to buy new movies. That was actually on the agenda for yesterday, but then it started snowing really hard, and I decided to stay inside and cook lunch and dinner, so that I have so much in the way of leftovers that I really don't need to cook again all week. But I'm cooking dinner for J and I tomorrow night anyway. Cuz I haven't cooked for him in ages, for assorted reasons.

It is nice being able to cook a few things, and especially to cook things that make really good leftovers. I have pizza and shepherd's pie in the fridge, and taco soup and spaghetti sauce (homemade) in the freezer. When you more or less live alone, even regular meals make too much food for one person, and you end up thinking "oh, maybe I'll get to those leftovers," and then you never do. Yet another reason why I'm really looking forward to Jesi moving in, because we can both cook, and make meals that will feed the two of us, with maybe a bit of leftovers. What will be totally and completely the bomb is if J and Lord Pleasure get an apartment in our complex, because then we will have AWESOME dinners for the four of us, at least on occasion. And Lyle can come over sometimes too. :)

Grumpiness of last week = all gone. I've been in a good mood pretty much all weekend, and it even carried into today. Really looking forward to tomorrow, even if I will be sitting at the craft fair all day, mostly alone. Hopefully I'll sell enough stuff to make it worth my while. :)

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