Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Yay, new music to talk about! Not a new band, but new music nonetheless...

So I have now heard the new Placebo album (due out March 13th!) three times, and I am digging it, big time. I don't know that I really have anything specific to say about it, other than the fact that some of the songs have a really great energy to them, and others are considerably more mellow, but nice nonetheless. I think I may have to look into a band called The Kills, as VV of The Kills sings on one song, and it is good. Michael Stipe allegedly sings on another song, but I'm having a hard time picking out his voice... then again, that may be due to my crappy internal speaker on my work computer. Will have to listen to it again at home tonight. :)

In other news, I'm not grumpy today. J called me in the middle of the afternoon and asked if I wanted to get dinner with him, so we hung out for about an hour last night, and then I watched "Velvet Goldmine" and chilled out for the remainder of the evening.

In other other news, it's snowing big time, which might normally allow for the possibility of sledding. However, as you can't go sledding at night, the snow will probably not last past tomorrow, and this weekend is booked anyway, there will likely be no sledding. Poo. J's sled really wants to go sledding... or maybe I do... ;)

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