Thursday, February 09, 2006

Got one crochet project done last night, and another one started. The finished project is kinda a sekrit surprise, so no details here. The other one I started is the Jayne hat, from Firefly. I'm not 100% pleased with the pattern I'm using, so I'll be looking for a new one, but it is turning out decently well. Of course, the original is a knitted hat with earflaps, and mine will be crocheted, but it'll work out okay, I think. Especially if I can find the right kind of pattern. Or I may be able to work up my own, based on the one I'm using presently.

I need to work on making some more Valentines for the craft fair, which I may do tonight, if I have some time. Supposed to be going to an OWBN workshop at Denny's, but my car wouldn't start this morning. I'm hoping it was just the cold affecting the battery, and that it'll start fine after work today. If not, I guess I'll be trying to find a way to get it over to the dealership in the morning, and let them tell me if it's the battery (my best guess) or the starter (god I hope not). At any rate, thank goodness for being under warranty... :)

Speaking of Valentines, yeah, I'm gonna hafta work on something else for that... I just don't have any good ideas at the moment. What do you give someone for Valentine's Day that is a little bit practical, but still handmade? If I can't come up with something fitting both of those criteria, I'm gonna go with practical but store-bought, because there is a limit to how many ultimately useless handmade objects you can give someone. Yeah, I know, the handmade stuff comes from the heart and all that, but seriously. I know there is a limit. :)

Hmmmm... something to ponder for a bit, I suppose...

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