Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Alright, I'm back at work, and my work weeks for the foreseeable future look relatively normal. Weekends in April are another matter entirely, of course, though I'm a little confused about what is going on this weekend... I'm hoping to hear an answer to that question really soon, though, because if I'm NOT going to Chicago, well, then, I'm making other plans. :)

My birthday weekend was chock full of happy goodness. Friday, I went to Brat Pack with Jesi and Kent, though Jesi and I left after the first set, because we were both exceptionally annoyed with the drunk bar patrons in front of us. And see, that's why I don't go to the bars. Because a) I don't really like people, and b) the people that go to the bars annoy me especially. There are some exceptions to this... like I've generally enjoyed the few times I've been to Traz / Upside Downtown. But that's an entirely different crowd... for specific reasons... :) (And obviously, I do like some people. I call them my friends. :) )

Saturday, Megan took me to lunch, and then she, Cindy, and I drove down to one of the wineries, and had fun sampling bunches of different wines. Then back to C-dale for some shopping at Goodwill, and then running around to get ready for game. Game was fun, though I did discover that my new dress that I love very much gets a wee bit uncomfortable after a bit... partially due to having to keep my posture really good to keep the straps on my shoulders, and partially because it's kinda odd for me to wear a dress that kinda makes it so that I'm falling out of it... yay cleavage, right? :)

Anyways, party after game was a good time, though I didn't drink a whole lot. I kinda got to a certain point, and went "ya know, I should stop now." Always a good thing to be able to acknowledge.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day, though I did get to spend the bulk of it in very good company. :) Watched "Legend" as well, which is always enjoyable.

Monday, I did nothing. Or at least it felt like it. I did get my laundry done, and tidied up around the living room a bit, but I mostly spent the entire day chatting with assorted people. Got dinner with Jesi and Lyle, missed dance class, and then watched wrestling. Whee! :)

And so that's about it. Oh, I suppose the pressie list is always fun. :) The first LXG graphic novel, an Inigo Montoya T-shirt, a Serenity T-shirt, margarita glasses and a cute little plastic bar set type thingie, a neat candle in a purple box, an Egyptian business card holder, a piece of flat amethyst, and a gift card for Hot Topic. Still waiting on my card from Mom, which I suspect may include a gift card of some sort as well. :)

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