Wednesday, March 29, 2006

And, the Chicago trip is off. Ah well. It would have been super kewl to get to go, but as neither Dubs nor I was willing to drive in Chicago, and Starr can't go now, we were left with no other option. This just means I get to stay here and game... so I won't complain too much. :)

Today, I'm kinda surprised that I'm as awake as I am. Ended up going to The Cellar last night, and staying about an hour and a half longer than I originally planned. There is a time warp there, I'm thinking. Either that, or that second game of pool I played really did take forever... that's what happens when you put two people who mostly suck at pool against each other. I did get some pretty sweet shots now and again, but I also had some REALLY bad shots. Then again, the last time I remember playing pool for sure was when I beat Dominic... that would have been the summer of 1995... wow... (and yes, while it is weird for me to remember this somewhat distinctly, it is remembered more for my dear brother's comment of "you got beat by a dumb girl," than for anything else.)

I have a STACK of borrowed movies right now, which I think I shall attempt to get around to tomorrow night. Well, that'll take care of maybe two of them, if I start watching them early enough. Three borrowed movies, and the one last one that I bought myself as a birthday present... so two tomorrow, and the other two, who knows when... :)

And I'm starting to play two new TT games this weekend... Deadlands and what more or less boils down to a WoD: Mortals game (old edition, not nWoD). Both seem promising. I have my character concepts for both, but that's about it. Ah well, this weekend will be all about the character creation and number crunching... :)

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