Thursday, March 30, 2006

So I borrowed "The Doors" from Megan on my birthday, and since I had some time to kill last night, I decided to watch it. Unfortunately, I was not impressed. And the bulk of my not being impressed? Val Kilmer.

I used to really like Val Kilmer. I'm not entirely sure what I saw him in that made me think he was hot, but I thought that for a while. Of course, I didn't watch a whole lot of his movies, because he seems to have had a rather slow start to his career, and done a lot more recently.

But here's the problem I've discovered. I don't think he can act. I mean, yeah, I'm sure he was acting like he was drunk and/or stoned as Jim Morrison, but generally speaking, he's not all that entertaining to watch. Then I kinda thought about the other movies I've seen him in. "Real Genius" is funny, but he's basically just a surfer. "Top Gun" is a pretty good movie, but, again, not much there. "Batman Forever"? Well, at least he's not George Clooney.(*) And we couldn't even watch "The Saint," because it was bad...

So yeah. Not impressed. Ah well, at least it wasn't so bad that I wanted those two hours of my life back... but then again, I was crocheting and chatting while I watched it, so I accomplished things with my time too.

(*) Yes, I understand the irony of saying that I don't like George Clooney, and planning to watch "Ocean's Eleven" and "Ocean's Twelve" tonight. Funny thing is that I don't like MOST of the people in either of those movies! But Eddie Izzard is in the latter, and I've heard they're good movies... so I'll watch 'em, again while doing other stuff, and it won't be too bad... :)


Ghodrik Sierra said...

Ok...first off, I havent he slightest clue ( damned google search engine) how i ended up at the front door of your site. But never the less, i am here. So..i decided to read away and , yes. leave a comment. I dont know if you welcome them from out of nowhere persons, but here i go..
Val kilmer. Ok i see some of what you are saying. Lets me start with "the doors" I personally think he did an excellent job imitating a drunken rock star. From occasional drunken esxperience, and morbid sense of humor, I try to act drunk from time to time. (really, dont ask why, im wierd) and its not as easy as it may seem. But, ok. Ill agree with you on this one. Real genuis, Ok, ill agree with you once again. Then there was a movie called top secret. Way old. pretty much the same. But, even though the movie "island of doctor moroue" *sp* was a bad movie, His acting was a hair above average. Not bad, really. I remeber seeing him on an episiode of the cable series, "entourage" he was the bearded new age guy selling teh drugs. AGain, very good. Then..teh saint. Ok, ill agree with you, But i have to say, The saint (and please dont laugh) is my all time fav movie. Its not really for the acting, but more for the hidden messages i get from it. It almost passes as a half ass romantic morality tale of sorts. Kinda..If your done laughing. SO..yeah, there are others, but i wont waste any more of your time. My name is ghodrik, just in case you wanted to know. Umm again im sorry to intrude, just passing through i guess. Well......have a good night. (if it is indeed dark out)

Dawn said...

Yes, random comments from random passers by are always welcome! :)

And I suspected I'd get a comment defending Val Kilmer. I suppose I probably need to see more of his stuff, but I'm just not sure if I want to sit through all of it... :)