Monday, March 06, 2006

Gah. Last week was craziness. Wednesday and Friday, I was all kinds of busy at work. Thursday, I was home with a migrane. Fun stuff, let me assure you.

Any rate, not much in the way of movies to mention, but a TV show again. Jesi bought Wonderfalls a few weeks ago, while we were at Wal-Mart, and told me I would have to watch it sometime. She called me a day or so later to tell me that Kaylee, from Firefly, was in like four of the episodes. So I was definitely interested! :)

We watched five episodes on Saturday, and finished the series on Sunday. Because I didn't wanna stop watching it, once we got started. :) Yet again, it's one of those shows that I would have loved if I had actually seen it on TV, and I would have cried lots if I had been watching it when they took it off the air.

It's also one of those shows that I can completely understand why it got cancelled. It's funny, but in a fairly high brow way. It's a very complex show. It isn't the sort of show that most Americans would "get," nor enjoy (mainly cuz they wouldn't get it). But I love it, and Jesi loves it, and I think most of the people I'm friends with would love it as well. :)

Oh, I suppose I did sorta see a movie over the weekend too... they did Rocky Horror at the Student Center on Saturday night, and Jesi, Lyle, and I decided to go. I wanted to dress up as Columbia, but I only had the gold top hat. Megan was out of town, so I couldn't ask her about borrowing her costume (if she even still has it). And when I decided I could try to do the costume all in black, I realized that the lowest part of the string on my solid black corset would have been right where the top of my belly button piercing sits... so that was a disaster waiting to happen. So I just gothed out instead, and we went.

Well, as it turns out, they were planning to cast the live show right beforehand. And as we're sitting there checking out costumes, we see a group that pretty much covers the entire cast... except that they don't have a Columbia. So I ended up volunteering for that, despite my lack of costume. And it went remarkably well! I even managed all of her dancing... the tap dance and the floor show... though I do have to say her part in the floor show is far easier than I remember Janet's being.

Any rate, I've decided that now that I've played all three female roles (Janet in Kirksville, and Magenta a few years ago in C-dale), I'm gonna try to play Columbia in the future. Her part is pretty easy, and it's a lot of fun. And if Megan still has the costume, I'm all set... :)

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