Tuesday, March 07, 2006

So only OWBN this past weekend, and it was disappointing as all hell. I accomplished about nothing. I'm pretty sure I'm taking a break from that game for a while. Maybe for good. That still remains to be seen. But there's just not much holding me there anymore. Most of my really good friends have quit playing, and though I am friends with some of the people who still play, that's not even enough to keep me there. The game itself is pretty much uneventful, unless you're a big time fighter, and, well, if I just wanted to do combat, we'd do more Battle Royales.

So yeah. Disappointing, but ah well.

Had a good time last night talking to Ventura about old TT games, and, of course, I really miss running Vampire now. True, I've got a LARP to help run, but there's something special about TT. :(

Plenty of work to do for the Cammie LARP, but I need Jim's help to finish it, so hopefully I'll hear from him soonishly about his work schedule. Probably won't know anything till I get off work today, but that's okay. My schedule this week is pretty well open... got plans tomorrow night, but if we have to have our ST meeting then, it will actually work, because my plans are of a somewhat tag-along nature, though not, at the same time. It's complicated. :)

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