Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Well, my return to STing was, in fact triumphant, or at least successful. Good game overall, the players had fun, and I wasn't completely frazzled afterwards. All of these are good things.

Got to bring in two of my NPCs, Cozette Riviera (Toreador dilletante) and Khadijah Ingram (new Tremere regent... and Jedi... yes, you read that right... :) ). Cozette spent most of her time getting people to do nice things for her, because she has money to throw at problems. So she now has a Gangrel bodyguard until July, and promises of being taught Dominate by the entirety of Clan Tremere. :) And the Toreador like her already too. :)

Khadijah, on the other hand, was a bit more sedate, but she did talk at least a few things through with the Prince, and then got to kick some ass in combat. She has four people who have already asked about becoming her Paduwan, now that they all know she's a Jedi. With a lightsaber.

And yeah, I know that sounds kinda cheezy. But, as J put it at wrap-up: "There's a lot of crack in this game. But it's the most well-manicured crack I've ever seen." So yeah, as long as people are having fun with it, I'm good with it. And there is more to Khadijah... can't give everything away on the first night, though... ;)

So yeah, I'm looking forward to finding out some more about plots and stuff, so that I can be a more effective ST, and not just portray my NPCs. :) Though the latter is fun, and I've come up with a great plan for costuming each of them differently without too many difficult costume changes. Basic black shirt and pants, with something to throw on over that for each character.

Now, as long as I can get the pink stains out of Khadijah's robe... this is why we check our pockets three or four times for blood tickets at the end of the night... *sigh*...


vilenolram said...

good luck with the STing i know you will do well, you are really fun to play with and for.


Durore said...

What makes you think that Dorian likes her? >:)

Dawn said...

Well, Lucian likes her. ;P