Monday, March 20, 2006

I'm back. Didja miss me? :)

So let's cover the high points of the past week:
- Got to go to St. Louis to hear Shawn DJ. Much kewlness ensued.
- My nephew, Peter Benjamin, was born on Thursday. He's adorable.
- Got to hang out with my friends and watch "V for Vendetta." We'll save the details on the movie for tomorrow. :)
- Got to go to dinner with the girlies.
- Successfully made Jello shots, and people enjoyed them thoroughly... to the tune of all 58 of them disappearing within about 10 minutes of them landing on the table.
- Managed to get pretty much only as drunk as I needed to be, not too drunk, and not hungover, two nights in a row. :)

Yes, there were some low points, too, but a) who wants to hear about low points?, and b) the high points were really good!

So things seem to be simmering back to normal now; I work 4 days this week and 4 days next week. So the posting schedule should return to normal after tomorrow, since I'm gonna save my movie recaps for then. I don't have games to talk about tomorrow anyways, because there weren't any that I played in over the weekend.


In other news, I spent part of the past week thinking about what I'm doing with my life, and I came to the conclusion that I really really really need to write. If not write new stuff, I'm at least going to work on some of my old stuff. I want to get published on my own, dammit. So I'm gonna. :)

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